Plans of travel and adventures…

So i’ve decided to go traveling! As of the 14th November, I will embark on a trip of a life time to South America. So far the plans are as follow: 14th board a flight to Grand Canaries, ready to board a cruise liner on the 18th that will then set sail following the trade winds down to Salvador De Bahia. 8 days of SEA just SEA… The boat is currently in dry dock and starts its fully functioning cruises over in Brazil. In order to make a little money from transporting it there, It has opened its decks to travellers looking for an alternative way to get over seas. This was Joel’s plan to try and get to South America without flying, so to reduce his carbon foot print.

Then we arrive in Salvador De Bahia! The birthplace of Samba! Music, dancing and smiling sweetly while failing to understand the locals begins… I will try and use what little, broken Spanish I know, but considering they speak Portuguese I can’t imagine it will be much help. Then we plan on moving south down towards Uruguay, and Argentina! Already I find myself on a roller coaster of emotions. I go from sheer excitement to complete mind boggling messes unable to contemplate how, what, where, when…

I’ve my tickets there booked, and my bag purchased so I guess I’ll just keep scribbling as I go!

Forgot I started this little blog…

So I’ve been busy being me, business plans, fun and games, working, and more fun and games.. Glastonbury has my attention, as I got a job working on one of the stages!!! Super exciting work, that I’ve always wanted to get into, and then all of a sudden, it happened!

So I’ve been talking to loads of artists and getting very excited to be part of something.

I’ve booked a one way ticket to Brazil!!!!! Thats exciting too… Who knows where I’ll be in 6 months but for now I know Ill be aiming to catch a boat to Brazil. A BOAT!!! 8 days of sailing over the sea to get to South Americaaaaa! Thats a pretty sick thing thats happened in the past week.

Ive been partying a little… But I think I’m getting a little bored of it all. I mean its great, and I enjoy it, but Im a little tired of that taking over my life. Partying is something I do well, in fact I’ve mastered it. But Its pretty boring really and leave me fairly flat by the end of the weekend. Though the creative ideas and business plans that come from these weekends is always worth it.

So my brain works in a way, that is constantly thinking of the next business plan, but for some reason I can’t action these plans. I have a little side line thing happening at the moment, but who knows where that will lead. Heck who knows there any of this will lead, but I figure if I’m having fun all the way then it doesn’t really matter anyway.

My Facebook got hacked the other week, which was potentially an upsetting thing, but it made me realise just how much it doesn’t mean to me. Im really not into this whole mentality that my online profile is the be all and end all, because reality is far better than a screen right? Though its nice to document stuff as I go.

Im not as academic as some of my friends, but I’m certainly very creative. I like that about me!

Anyway, I think I’ve scribbled enough for now. saying for the week: Less thinking, more doing.

Time to start opening some doors…

So at last we’ve seen the back of winter. No more cold, bleak weather, that leaves you feeling uninspired to get up in the morning. This week so far, it has been a super productive and positive one. I’ve certainly got that boot up the back side feeling! I’ve an interview tomorrow, which I will be putting my all into to get, this will after all then enable me to go forward and get things done. A real company, with real people, it does still exist after all!!!

I’ve even got a bit of a plan… a 6 month one, but its more manageable than a 5 year plan and a hell of a lot less daunting. I had a weekend of parties and fun, which as ever had me meet more new, interesting characters. Most with brilliant ideas on life and others with a foot firmly out there, making their mark. Time for me to do the same I think! No more tip toes. I read this morning a quote “why fit in, when we are born to stand out” I liked it, it’s not a classical quote from a quality read, or some beautiful words from a world renown song but its punchy.

So born is spring time, the gateway to summer! A time for new life, fresh beginnings and lots of fun to commence. I’ve closed some doors this week, some sad doors, some happy, but nothing is ever final, nothing is ever locked forever. Time to get cracking on designing, building and opening new doors… brass knobs and everything. A little procrastination never hurt anyone in the end… what a turn up for the books!

Today is a better day, the sun is shining and people are happy!

So I’ve woken up this morning to sunshine! The panoramic view which presents itself to me each morning is alive with wildlife, birds sweeping across the open expanse. Isn’t that I nice way to wake up?

Last night I watched a documentary on the disposal of Nuclear Waste, that’s a worry. 100,000 years is the time we need in order to hide this fire which can not be put out! 100,000 years!!! It’s remarkable we knowingly create a product which can have such devastating effects. Then maybe it’s not remarkable, and maybe I shouldn’t worry about these things? After all, I’ll be long gone. What a selfish way of thinking? (is it thinking at all) It’s documentaries like last nights that get me thinking… How would we do things differently if we could foresee these problems? But for now, I will just enjoy my view of beautiful countryside.

I’ve a few missions this week, I’ve 2 weeks of holiday on my hands (not that I want that) and so I’m going to use my time constructively to try to find a new job. Last weeks hurdles are nearly over and so I would like to get them fully out-of-the-way so to create a clear head space to give job hunting its full attention. It’s not easy coming up with the idea of what you want to do… I’m a creative sort, and I do like to think. This can be an attribute from time to time, but other times I can find myself chasing something… just something because I can’t ever pin point the exacts (at the moment). I’m scared of wasting time and energy on the wrong things. Which is funny in itself because I normally say nothing is a waste of time and doing something is better than nothing… But this economic climate certainly doesn’t make it easy to be content with that, though I’m beginning to think I don’t make it easy for myself.

for my second blog, things are getting ‘thinky’ I’m not sure that’s good or bad… but on a lighter note, spring is very much so here, people are happier and I’m lucky to be faced with the ability to think. So many out there are simply told, or they wake up with no choices. Off to job hunt now, wish me luck!

When the diary runs out of pages…

You’ve all had them, one of those weeks where it really would have been better to just not bother! Now its important to stress before I start my first blog post A. I’m not depressed B. I’m not just another moaning blogger… and C. I’m a firm believer in smiles.

So this week, as I say has been one of those weeks!

I’ve been meaning to write a blog for a while now, after all we live in a world where tip tapping on our laptops is compulsory and sharing the general day-to-day movements is all but just a status away. So rather than recoiling to a cave, deep in the forest, far from civilisation, using my laptop only to look at the glamorous lifestyles we see documented on that webpage with the blue header (Ah- This one’s blue too… You know the one I mean though!!!) … I thought I’d do something constructive. So I’m going to just write!

I can’t say I’m going to write about music, or film, or art or well anything because I don’t know yet myself – but it might be a giggle along the way, as I work it all out…